About the texts

I began to receive these texts at the start of 2014 and my spirit guides very quickly showed me a small book. Soon I started seeing three small books, and eventually I was told there would be even more. This Council of Elders have much to share and they enjoy talking!
As I have been writing down more and more of their messages I have tried to see how these could fit together in a book, but I have yet to discover a good structure for it. This year it became clear that it was high time these texts were shared with the world, particularly since many of them are specifically for these times we live in now, and so my guides suggested I could create a blog while I continue to receive more and more from them. I hope to be able to publish the texts in books soon but already now you can read them all freely here.

Each text has been given its own blog post, and the date stamp shows when it was channelled rather than the date I published it on this blog. That way you can read each text chronologically (which I recommend!) and some of the messages even relate to events that happened around the time they were given. Please bear in mind that blog posts automatically display in reverse order, i.e. the newest first.

In addition, I have also arranged all texts by category, although some fit into more than one. There are also tags – keywords – on each text so you can look them up that way too if you like. Just click on a tag at the bottom of a text or in the tag cloud in the sidebar.

I feel that the texts about love, peace and our true nature are very much the foundation for all the rest. These were given to me before any other topics and it feels as if the Council would like us to read these first in order to fully understand what comes later.

Finally, please remember that all rights, including copyright, remain with me (please see details below) but you are of course very welcome to share links to this blog and you will find sharing buttons at the end of each post.

I hope you enjoy hanging out here on Happy Earthling!

Oct 2015

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