Gods and goddesses

Gods and goddesses, mythological beings, fantasy creatures  – it is not so important whether there has ever been a physical incarnate being who was that legend. What matters is what these represent, what they embody – whether in spirit or in physical form.
Thought matters, thought creates matter and thought creates energetic concepts. These are just as real as anything you can experience physically in your dimension. A god can be created as a distinct energy simply through the minds – the beliefs – of humans, over time. It is given qualities and attributes, a personality even. Humans can create their own gods purely with their minds.
But, of course, thoughts originate somewhere. The thought creations of humans are drawn from qualities and energies in the human world, from human concepts and ideas. And where do these come from? It all goes back to where we all come from – Source. So what humans create with their minds is simply a re-organising of energy that already exists – of concepts, ideas, feelings that are shared within humanity and throughout the universe. It is a creation that brings these different energies together and, like ingredients in a dish, magic happens through transformation, and a new creature, a new thought form, can be birthed. Even if this creature has never lived a physical life, even if it was not originally split from Source like a soul, it makes it no less of a wonder, a force, a resource to draw upon. It is the weight it is given by others that makes it powerful. Symbols are powerful, are they not?
If you feel that a god or goddess, a unicorn or a dragon, or any other being can help you then let them help you. It matters not where their origin lies, for it is the thought, the mind’s creation, the energy it represents, that matters. You need not analyse or determine the origins of us in order to believe in us, to welcome us into your heart and mind. We are happy to help. We are energy, just like you, just like your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts. As you know, you can create your own worlds, your own creatures, your own places in your mind.  Are they not beautiful? What humans call daydreaming we call creation. So create the world you want, create the situations you want, create the creatures you want, create the symbols you want. Of course a unicorn can co-exist happily and harmoniously alongside the archangel Michael, or the gods of ancient Egypt alongside the Hindu gods. Why would they need to be separate? We all exist in the same universe, as do you.
You have the power to create your world, the life you want and the spiritual world you wish to go to. What we represent to you is what you should consider. So bring in the energies, the gods, the symbols that you wish to be surrounded by in your world. Bring in that which is right for you. Bring in the energies you feel drawn to. Welcome them and blend them to your own specifications. Just like you have the right to create, decorate and furnish your physical home, so you have the right to create your energetic, spiritual dimension in the same way. You choose what you wish to be surrounded by, to welcome in, to bask in, to be inspired by. Just follow your heart – go with the flow you create.

Have fun, enjoy the ride, enjoy your time and your space on Earth.