Live in peace with nature

Live in peace with nature.
She has more abilities than you can imagine.
Value them. Respect them.

Find peace in nature, from nature.
She brings the gift of peace.

Flow with her.
Only a fool goes against her for she is your physical building blocks. Your body and all your physical things can only exist because she provides the building blocks for you. Would you bite the hand that feeds you?
When you go against the flow of nature, against the harmony of nature, you self-sabotage. Your physical existence is a product of nature’s particles, nutrients, materials. Go with the flow of nature, not against it. Do not think you can out-clever nature for there are many things you don’t know about – in medicine, in physics, in biology. There is much you have yet to learn about energies in the world, energies you cannot see or hear or feel. Just follow the inner knowing of your subconscious. It sits in your heart. The rules of nature, the principles of harmony in nature, they live in your heart. Some people feel them subconsciously, others are more aware of them. But you can all access this inner knowing if you choose to open up to it and listen.

So go with the flow of nature. She provides all you ever need. Remember that.