Look at the trees

Look at the trees. Are they not beautiful? Steadfast, in love they stand – love for those around.

How many children have not climbed the trees and connected with that peace and quiet love? Why do you think we are drawn to trees ? To climb them, to sit by them, to rest in their shade, to touch them, to photograph them?
They are our teachers, silent teachers.

Look at how they are connected to everything. The roots are connected to Gaia, the branches are connected upwards to the universe and outwards to those that are around – humans, animals, other trees. That is an example for you to follow:
Connect with the Earth. She is your planet, your provider, the ground that supports you. Connect with the heavens, the universe, your spirituality, for that is where you will find your true self. Connect with those around you who share your time on Earth; those who share your space, your experiences on Earth, those who are your community, global or local. For it is through sharing and collaboration that you progress as a community, as a culture, as humanity.

So look to the trees and see how they connect; how they ground themselves, stretch towards heaven and reach out to those around. They stay like that in steadfast love and trust in their own nature. Take notice of the trees and take a lesson from them.

Love and peace. Always.