Love for all

Love! Love for all. That is what you crave, truly – in your hearts.
You know in your hearts that love for all is the only way forward. Suffering breaks you down – seeing others’ suffering feels as bad as your own suffering. When your heart is pure, when you feel others’ suffering as your own, you know that love for all is the only way. As long as someone on your planet is suffering you will always feel that suffering in your heart.

So focus on love! When you focus on love you spread love. It grows and spreads by itself when you just focus on it. Focus on love, intend love, allow love. This is the way forward.

Peace springs from love. Peace in your heart and peace on your planet can flow together when you focus on love. Just keep doing it. That is the way forward.

Ask for our help, we are full of love. It spreads, and you can welcome our love into your world, into your heart, your life. We are happy to help.

All is good. Peace and love. You and us.