Opportunities from change

Much is happening upon the Earth now. Many shifts and changes  – and rapid shifts and changes. It may sometimes feel like a whirlwind of energy flowing, shifting and changing on the Earth’s surface and knocking everyone around it its turmoil.
When so much is happening so quickly there are great fluctuations and changes created, like the waves from a rock being thrown in the pool; the waves from one action create ripples that influence other things far away. So much is changing now – for so many – and this creates many, many ripples and waves all over the place.
Those of you who feel these energies particularly will have felt a bit ‘knocked about’ by all this turbulence and chaos, more than usual. Be not despondent by this. Know that things will calm down and settle eventually.  Rather, see the opportunities that arise from all this turmoil, see all the possibilities that are more accessible now because of this. Make the most of it and seize those opportunities that present themselves. You have so much at your fingertips now, so many options – much more than usual, because it is much easier to manifest your scenarios now that the roots are stirred and all is more available to you. Memories, abilities, knowledge, people, scenarios – all are more accessible now in these times of uprooting, shifting, rearranging.

So instead of letting it affect you in a restrictive manner, take charge of your reality and grab the opportunities that come up and present themselves to you. You never know where it might lead – somewhere much better perhaps!