Make peace
– with yourself, with others.

Feel the peace in your heart. Breathe out and let the air take with it all your worries, all your fears, all your stress and anxiety. Breathe it out and then rest in that peace. Feel the peace in every fibre of you. Feel the peace in your muscles, in your stomach, in your mind, in your heart. Rest in that momentary peace.
Then repeat this for every breath; breathe out your stress and let yourself rest in the peace that remains in your body. Feel the peace, feel peaceful – full of peace.

Do this every day, just a few minutes – even just a few breaths if nothing more. Sink into it, sink into the peace within yourself. It is a form of resetting yourself, your energy.

By feeling the peace in yourself you live in peace.
By living in peace you transmit peace to the world.
Your energy travels far, further than you think.

You are peace.