Plant Life

This text was given in the evening after I had spent a day exploring a great old garden. This garden had a very special feel to it, the energy there was quite unusual and there were many very old trees there. While I was walking there I felt that someone wanted to tell me something, and I knew I had to sit down and write whatever message would be given. I felt that my guides wanted to introduce a new energy. This energy felt very different from any other kind of energy I have channelled before, and I think it has its own distinct voice.


Plant life
There is a whole world around you and you don’t even know it!
There is a whole world around you, everywhere on Earth, and you don’t see it. You see it, but you don’t. You see only that which is familiar to you. But now so much is changing, and the Earth is becoming one; all the realms on Earth are becoming one, becoming visible to one another, becoming familiar with each other.
We are many, and we are few. We are many who exist in this realm; abundant myriads of creatures. We are many who reside in nature, in the plants, in all growth on Earth. The lush, green growth that you see everywhere is full of life. The trees are full of life and wisdom. Each plant, each fungus, each living growth is part of the plant life on Earth, and we are connected. We are all part of one; one nature, one spirit, one community on Earth. We are the plants on Earth and we were seeded here to serve this planet. We are part of the ecosystem of this planet, part of the living of this planet. We are its lungs, it breathes through us.

We are all connected and we think as one. We have a common flow, a common purpose – we flow as one. We are one. All plants are loved and cherished. Each plant has its own role to play, its own function, its own value – just like you humans. We are not so different from you, but we are more fixed in one place. We do not move so freely. We are more grounded, you could say. We exist together peacefully and in symbiosis, in collaboration. We are a network that collaborates as one – with one mind, one purpose. We thrive in each other’s company, we adapt and bend to each other. We always find ways to grow and thrive.
“Is there a lesson in this?” you may think. “Is there something in this that we humans can learn from?” All communities that adapt to each other and collaborate in symbiosis will thrive. Together, in unison, we are strong and resilient. Together we flow in harmony, creativity, find a way around every obstacle. Just think of the branches that grow around obstacles, that curve and twist and shape themselves around and beyond anything that stands in their way. There is always a way forward when you are flexible, adaptable. And this resilience grows from togetherness, from helping each other, from supporting each other, from seeing each other not as obstacles or enemies but as parts of the one system, the one unity, the one wholeness.
You are not separate. You do all exist as part of an ecosystem, a group, a community – even if you don’t see it yet. Your actions have a direct effect on others whether physically or energetically. What you do in the world sends waves out in all directions, waves that impact on those around, waves that have other consequences that you may not see. Know that you are a part of a whole, an important part, a part whose role interacts with others’. Know that what you do and what you think is important and potent. See it! See your role in the world! Know that you are valuable and powerful. See the whole, the system, the great oneness that all of you are part of.

Love your power, embrace your power; your ability to effect change – your ability to live in peaceful symbiosis with the rest of the system, the rest of the world. You are beautiful and the system is beautiful. The symbiotic life force is beautiful.
All parts of the system can thrive; all parts of the great oneness that is humanity can thrive. See how your organism – humankind – can fully thrive and blossom on Earth when you learn from plant life.

All is well.
Love yourself, love your role in the world, love your ability to thrive on Earth.