Plenty of energy on Earth

As you know there is much energy within the Earth and around her. There is plenty for humans to harness or harvest for their needs. Energy is abundant, yet they think energy is scarce. It is not. You just need to harness it in appropriate ways.
Of course, extracting oil from the ground is not sustainable. Neither is it the easiest way. It has just become a habit, a pattern of thinking, a laziness of thinking. You can easily harvest energy in other ways, from other sources, in sustainable ways. It is not necessary to pollute just to make energy. There is an equilibrium to energy. What you put in must come out. It is worth thinking about this. How can you use energy in ways that respect this equilibrium and allow it to flow harmoniously, without causing destruction at either end? It can be pure at the start and pure at the end of its interaction with humans, the process through which it is utilised for human needs. There are many ways to to do this and many sources of energy. You already know many of them. Just keep an open mind and do not get stuck in habitual thinking.

Always remember, we are with you, we can help, we are happy to help you along.

Love and bless!