Resources of the Earth

There are more than enough resources on the Earth for everyone. You have already created many things, and these can be reused at the end of their lives. You have an abundance of things and materials. You have so much of it that you struggle to get rid of it! You put it into landfill and you burn it, but there are many resources there and many things that can be reused or materials extracted.
Instead of trying to produce ever more from scratch, mining minerals and growing materials, why don’t you use some of what is already in front of you. True, the systems are in place to encourage new production but ultimately it is the consumer, the end user, who creates the draw which pulls ever more resources out of the production systems. If individuals were to reuse, re-fashion, recycle and reduce their demand for new things, then the chain of demand would diminish. You have much power as individuals.
As you know you already have systems in place through which you can acquire second hand goods or even better – borrow from one another – and these systems have great potential. Just be aware of how you can best use them to minimise pollution, reduce demand for new things, create new from old and share resources among many people.

Communities grow and strengthen through sharing. You free up time and energy, money and resources when you share what you have and collaborate around things and skills. It is a blessing. Both as individuals and as groups do you benefit from sharing and collaboration. You strengthen your resilience, your adaptiveness, your power and ultimately your influence in the wider world.
One man’s rubbish is another man’s resource. Think of everything as a potential resource, a gift from Gaia. Think of how it impacts the Earth and all her inhabitants if you dispose of it or burn it. Be mindful of these things – how best to use a physical item. Everything has a value in one way or another. Much of the pollution can be avoided. Be aware of how materials behave – in nature, in your body. Be knowledgable about the entire life cycle of a thing and find ways to stop producing that which cannot be used and reused in a sensible, sustainable way.

Mother nature provides all you ever need. Just learn about it, learn from past societies and find a better way to live in the modern world. Everything is connected and you are part of those cycles. What you breathe, what you touch, what you eat and drink – all is connected to the environment around you, to nature and all the living creatures, the plants and the air. Remember this basic principle and bear it in mind in your everyday life – the choices you make, the things you buy, the systems you choose to be a part of. Enjoy your life on Earth, enjoy living in harmony with Gaia and all her creatures, all her plants and all her resources. It is a good life, with abundance and joy.