Returning magic to Earth

This text was given by the Egyptian goddess Isis.



There have been many times on Earth when magic has flourished. Many of you have knowledge of this and it is time to allow the re-awakening. There have been many golden ages of magic; the ancient Egypt was one such period which I myself am very familiar with, of course.
When I say magic I use the term as you humans would. Of course, it is simply a way of working with energy. It consists of focussing your thought and willpower in such a way that you can create energetic realities that are not the predominant state of existence on Earth. It may seem to defy the laws of physics, the laws of nature on Earth, and to an extent this could be said to be true. However, remember that the normal state of physics on Earth is simply a default – it is not the only possibility. So when we talk about magic it is really as simple as working with energy in a way that lies outside of the default ‘normality’ on Earth.
However, we like the word magic. It has a vibration that feels inspirational, wonderful – it carries the promise of something out of the ordinary, something exciting, and excitement and fun and inspiration are always good for lifting the spirit! So we shall use the word magic in the best possible sense.

There have been times when human societies were largely friendly, peaceful, loving and caring. People tended to respect one another and live in harmony.  During such times magic has been more easily accessible on Earth. The higher vibrations were simply more conducive to people’s ability to work with their energy in such a way.
There have, of course, also been others here who are not fully human, rather they had one foot in humanity and one foot in other lineages not from Earth. These others often had greater abilities to work ‘magically’ and also more knowledge of how to do this. They sometimes taught humans about this – how to work with energy in a way that would benefit the planet and her inhabitants, and often these others also took on roles as priests or priestesses, energy workers of many types, where they worked with energy for the benefit of humanity. They were often found in temples and sacred places. They helped humans develop their societies, they helped to stabilise weather systems, they helped increase fertility in the soil and they helped in times of conflict between tribes and peoples. Much of the knowledge of the shamans derived from this.

As I said, these golden ages of magic have largely coincided with times of relative peace and harmony, however there have also been some periods where magic has been accessed widely despite great suffering occurring on Earth. You have heard of black magic of course, and this is the use of such powers for destructive purposes. In your closest history there was a period around the 1300-1400s when magic of both kinds was allowed to flourish. This was an experiment to see how humans would use their powers in times of great turmoil and suffering, big changes throughout society and with many living in fear, pain and poverty. There was much going on then, both within the religious and governing establishment. There was widespread suppression from both state and church, and people’s lives changed dramatically in the course of a few hundred years. Societies changed, laws changed, demographics changed, belief systems changed, what you call science spread and adapted and got a stronger foothold in many societies. We would not call this a golden age of magic – there was too much suffering for that, but there was certainly widespread use of it, and a strong belief in it. It caused much suffering and destruction and eventually it had to peter out. Of course there were also those who used their powers for good magic, but these were often persecuted, tortured and slain, while those who used it for darker forces often were able to cause much destruction.
We would not like to see a return to those times. It was not desirable to anyone. However, we trust in you humans who are on Earth now; we know that as a society you have learnt much. Your understanding of history and of human nature includes the knowledge of how humans can become destructive. You have much wisdom in that respect. You have learnt much from the last thousand years of conflicts, wars, political games, human suffering and trauma; your understanding of how a good person can become destructive is comprehensive. Your understanding of the importance of spreading power between several institutions or ‘power bases’ in order to maintain a balance of power means that you are alert to the threats to democracy. You have a determination that ‘never again’ shall the world see such wars as those you went through in the 20th century.
By and large humanity, the great masses, yearn for a more peaceful, harmonious world where poverty no longer exists, where power, wealth and resources are balanced out evenly among the population; where respect, sharing, and community are truly the keystones. Because of this we believe that you can be entrusted greater powers to work with energy outside the conventions of earthly physics. Magic can safely return.

( be continued)