The pioneers of the new Earth

This text was given by the spokesperson of the Pleiadians. Theresa   There is a big world out there! There is a network of worlds, of places to visit, of different realms, of different life forms. There is more than you can even imagine. It is wonderful; truly, full of wonders! Just think of all […]... Read More

The energetic landscape

The ancients knew the land and all its glory. They knew that not only does the land provide all we need as humans, it also holds an energetic landscape of lines and grids and points of energy that brings wisdom, insight, creativity, progression, healing, rest and harmony. It is all around you. Of course, nature […]... Read More

Flow with Gaia

This text was given by Gaia herself. Theresa I thank you – for your love and assistance, for your perseverance. Much suffering have you endured – for centuries. Much destruction have you had to witness in many lifetimes. Know that it was all part of the bigger purpose; your soul’s plan and our plan for […]... Read More