The pioneers of the new Earth

This text was given by the spokesperson of the Pleiadians. Theresa   There is a big world out there! There is a network of worlds, of places to visit, of different realms, of different life forms. There is more than you can even imagine. It is wonderful; truly, full of wonders! Just think of all […]... Read More

Energetic memory

This text was given by Ignatius of Loyola. Theresa   The human mind carries much energetic memory from times past. There is a trail of memories from earlier times, from centuries of human experiences. It is time to clear some of this energetic memory, for it does not serve you anymore. The trials, tribulations and trauma […]... Read More

Gods and goddesses

Gods and goddesses, mythological beings, fantasy creatures  – it is not so important whether there has ever been a physical incarnate being who was that legend. What matters is what these represent, what they embody – whether in spirit or in physical form. Thought matters, thought creates matter and thought creates energetic concepts. These are just […]... Read More