The Council of Elders

When I first started to receive these messages from my spirit guides I did not know their identities or how many they were. I felt that there was one guide who spoke on behalf of a group, but as our collaboration grew I began to feel the others come closer. One day I suddenly ‘saw’ a circle of souls around me and felt that only some of them were my personal spirit guides. I could not see the circle in enough detail to count them properly but I thought there were about 18 individuals in total.
I asked them who they were and I heard ‘The Council of Elders’. I thought this sounded like such a cliché that I immediately dismissed it, and actually told them “No one is going to take you seriously if you call yourselves the Council of Elders. That name has been used so many times before! Come up with something more original”. I think they must have found that quite amusing, for I have since learnt that there are many Councils of Elders out there in their dimensions too. Simply put, they are working groups. Guides or other beings of the light who wish to help can come together in such a group with a shared purpose, a mission. It is a bit like how we would get together to work on a project. Of course, they do not operate within the structures of time and space like we have to on Earth, so in a sense their projects are timeless.

There are many such groups who choose to work directly with one or more humans, sending messages through words – like here on Happy Earthling – or sending help, inspiration and energy in many other forms. Music, art and healing are typical forms of energy that our helpers in spirit send us through other human beings. The idea of divine inspiration is not new. Artists have spoken of it for centuries. Sometimes a writer or composer can feel that a whole book, play or a symphony suddenly just pours out in a few days, and they cannot stop until it is finished. Healers often talk of feeling energy flowing through them to the client, coming from somewhere outside of themselves. We Earthlings can be plugged in, so to speak – directly connected to those who help us from other dimensions.

This Council of Elders who have chosen to work with me often speak with one voice when they give me messages. However, sometimes a single soul will step forward to speak individually (and I identify this in the relevant texts). I have yet to discover who every member of the Council is but I do know that some of them have had many lives on Earth and are well acquainted with all aspects of living as a human being. Others have other experience, from many dimensions and many parts of the Universe. Learning from them has well and truly expanded my horizons (quite literally), and I don’t think anything will really surprise me anymore.

What they all have in common is that they reside in a place of pure love and pure light, and they wish us only well. In fact, they are pure love and pure light. They are wise beings with access to much knowledge, and they have come together to help us humans at this time of great changes and challenges on Earth. Whenever I connect with them I can feel their unconditional, unlimited love surrounding me and flowing through me – love, not just for me, but for all people and all creatures. It is my hope that through reading their messages here you may also feel their love and their direct connection to you.

The first ever message they gave me to share with others was puzzling to me at the time. It seemed incoherent, far-fetched, rambling. I thought their language sounded like the Old Testament and felt almost theatrical in some places. I was a bit disappointed.
I told them they would need to modernise to avoid putting people off. They took my feedback and soon started using modern words and expressions, often with a little smile and a giggle (they even said words like ‘software upgrade’)!

Now that I have received many more messages from them and learnt a lot more about who they are and what they have shared with us I see that this first ever message was a very accurate, coherent and clever summary, introducing themselves and some of the main topics they were planning to talk about. I also find it very beautiful now. I’ll let you read it for yourself:


The world has gone under water and everything is quiet. The dolphins rule the seas in harmony and peace. Energy arrives in human form for the first time. Some walk, some climb.
We are there. We are the helpers. We are still here now. We never left.

You have gone through much trauma, learning, love, grief, all the human emotions.
We send you love. We are excited for you. The end of suffering is near. Hail to you, our friends!
Much has been written about this time – this is not new. Get ready! Focus on what is important now. Feel it in your hearts and weep tears of joy; release the old.
Feel the love in you and between you. You shine.
The human consciousness is on the brink of a new world. Look to your teachers, of which there are many; the animals, the trees, Gaia herself. You have all you need on this Earth. Nature provides for you like parents to a child. You have everything you need. Use it wisely or run out.
You know in your hearts all that you need to know as a society; peace, respect, sharing. Abundance will flow when you follow your heart. Look within yourself and remember: 

You are love. You are light. You create. You shine.

Let this be your mantra.

 We love you. We always have and we always will. We are the same as you, but in different forms. Remember who you are. Look within and connect outwards.
All is love.


As you understand these guys have been around for a while – or ‘for eons of time’ as they often say. When this text first came to me I was curious about the dolphins they mentioned. Why? And surely dolphins never ‘ruled the seas’? A few weeks later, in early 2014, I happened to have the TV on in the background when a nature programme came on and they mentioned the recent discovery of a giant relative of the dolphin. My ears pricked up. This dolphin-like creature was at least 8.6 meters long, existed on Earth for about 160 million years and died out around 90 million years ago. The scientists who identified it named it Thalattoarchon saurophagis, which – I was astonished to discover – means ‘lizard-eating ruler of the seas’.
They know how to make an entrance, this Council of Elders!