The Wisdom of the Moon

This text was given by the Egyptian goddess Isis



Of course the moon has held a special place in the hearts and minds of humans since the dawn of humankind. Even animals are attracted to the moon. She is such a strong connecting force to the Earth and she is so visible to you every night. Such an obvious celestial body would always inspire fascination, love and yearning in those on Earth.
Of course, it is no coincidence that the Earth has a moon. The Earth needed to have a physical mass circling around it in a beautiful dance for several reasons. One is obvious – the rhythms and cycles created by the moon are a cornerstone of all life on Earth. This dance with the moon creates patterns that help your physical existence; the cycles of life, the daily variations that aid all life on Earth in its cycles of wake and rest, feed and digest, the fluctuations that are necessary in your bodies – for fertility, emotions, creativity, thinking, your energy connections and much, much more.
Another reason for the moon’s existence is the light she provides you at night. Imagine having no moonlight. This would make existence difficult in many parts of the world. The moonlight allows you to extend your day, your activities, on the land or at sea.

The moon also provides an energy source for you – not just physically for tidal power and such – but she sends you much energy that you may not be aware of in your consciousness. Of course, you know that animals connect with the moon and this is largely because of the energy she sends to Earth. Animals are naturally more fine-tuned to the energies around them, but humans can also feel this on a subconscious level. When you open up to feeling it in your conscious awareness you can also connect much more strongly with the moon.
Once you have that connection there is much wisdom waiting for you; wisdom of old, eternal wisdom. The moon is a container of wisdom accumulated through the ages, and some was also planted in her at the beginning. Why do you think many people feel drawn to the moon; to connect with her, to look at her at night, to move towards a meditative state by looking at her? She holds much wisdom and you know – on some level of your being – that you can find your soul’s heritage there, the wisdom of past times, the history of humankind and those who are connected to the Earth. Much has been recorded there.
In ancient cultures they knew this, and that is one of the reasons why many civilisations and tribes around the Earth have had deities connected to the moon. There have been many moon goddesses – and there still are. They provide a link to the moon and her energy and wisdom that humans can easily access. Of course you can also access the moon’s energy and wisdom directly, but many find it easier to link to it through a deity. This is simply how humans tend to be.
Those goddesses are still there for you, ready to help those who seek the wisdom of the moon in love and respect of the universal order. As you deepen your connection with the moon you may ask for a moon goddess to help you if you like. It is not important which one – just ask which of them is most compatible with you and it will come to you.