Your own energy

Be aware of your energetic fields. You all have these surrounding you. Your body creates an energetic field and you can sense this if you want. You can become aware of your own energy, the energy you generate, the energy you transmit. Ask yourself “How does my energy feel? How does it change? “ Become aware of your own energy, the nuances of it. You are fully capable of feeling your own energy, identifying how it changes with your emotions, with your thoughts, with your sensory experiences, with your physiological changes. When you become aware of how your energy feels you can understand better how you interact with the world; how you send and receive energy, how your energetic state influences your surroundings – humans, animals, plants, buildings.

Of course, there are many levels to this. A building may take on the energy that has been sent out over longer periods of time, while a human may feel instantly any change in their energy field. Some people are more sensitive to this than others. Children often retain this sensitivity until they get a little older and more ‘hardened’. Animals usually are very aware of the energy of others, whether human or animal.
When you recognise your own changing energetic states – the patterns, the ‘feel’ of your energy, how certain emotions create a particular energetic response – then you can begin to control your energy more on a conscious level, and you will have much more power in your own life. The energy you generate affects you, and others. The energy you transmit will attract compatible frequencies from others, so when you transmit fear you will attract energy that matches fear. When you transmit love you will attract energy that matches love.

For your own sake, and that of others, become aware of your energy, how it feels, how it changes, how it responds and how you can use it for good. For you can choose to generate harmonious, peaceful, loving energy. You can choose to transmit this to the world. You can choose to live within that energy, carry it with you always and spread it wherever you go. Would that not be a blessing?
So still the mind and open yourself to feeling your own energy; to finding your strength, your harmony, your creativity, your love. It is there.