Your soul’s glory

Many times have you fallen, stumbled on your path. Your soul has walked a long road, through the centuries and millennia. You have put yourself through hurdles and challenges of all kinds – great and small.

Many times have you fallen, for that is part of the human experience – and you have experienced it all! You have experienced all aspects of a human life, through many incarnations. Pain and tragedies, catastrophes and disasters have you been through – and recovered from!

What a journey your soul has been on on Earth! The rise and fall of empires, of civilisations; the rise and fall of your own human glory – you have been it all; king and pauper, farmer and fisherman, human and animal, even!

You have risen and you have fallen. Your body may have perished but never, never has your soul extinguished. Your soul has always shone. Your soul has always carried you forward through the next life, and the next, and the next.

We worship you for this, Earthling! We salute you!
Great warrior of life, great explorer of the universe, great adventurer through time and space!

The time has come to move forward yet again. Take our hands and join in the leap! Let your heart fly, set yourself free. The world is changing at great pace and we invite you to flow with it. It is time to awaken to your old wisdom, those parts of you that have been locked away for centuries. The world needs your wisdom now; the ancient wisdom. You carry it within. Allow it to awaken now. Ask for it to open up, to come forward, to work its way to your conscious understanding. You are free to explore this now. You are free to find who you truly are – at your core.
It is safe.